Lucy Writes… May 2016

Lucy Writes… May 2016

Staying close to the source of our light

There are two things uppermost in my mind as I write this magazine article; and the two are related to each other. Firstly, I’ve been asking the question about what does it mean for the church to be a beacon of light? I (and the other leaders of the church) have/will be giving a little bit of thought about the next academic year this month; both in terms of building up the life of the church, and the possible plans for the premises.

Secondly, I am thinking about my Sabbatical which starts at the end of May. My Sabbatical is for three months, which means I will be back amongst you all at the beginning of September.

I am planning to spend time understanding how to integrate different cultures within the life of the church. I will be five weeks in South Korea visiting different churches; Presbyterian, Methodist & Baptist churches, and a couple of Seminaries (training colleges for ministers). This is in order to understand more about the Korean culture and Korean church life. Then I’ll spend some time in the UK as I continue to research and worship with Christians from other cultures.

Above all, though, I desire to hear God speak through those three months, and be refreshed by Him.
This is how the two are linked: both are about spending time being near the source of our light. For if we desire in our lives to be a beacon of light, then we need to be close to the source: Jesus. When was the last time you spent time basking in the light of Jesus in order to just be close to Jesus for the pure joy of doing so?

When was the last time you heard Jesus speak into your life? 7th May between 8-9am is about doing this, and to pray for our building project. Leaflets are available for you to use in your own prayer times, especially if you can’t come on 7th May.

I also hope there will be opportunities for you to listen to God during the time I’m on Sabbatical as different preachers come and minister; may you hear God speaking in fresh ways. Let me encourage you to create some space – be that on holiday or some other time for God to speak to you as well.

Whilst I’m away please support the leaders of the church, many of them are taking on some extra responsibilities during this period.

Above all else though, please be kind to one another, stay united; and stay close to the source of our light who is Jesus.