Jonathan writes…. July 2016

As part of the preparation for Lucy’s sabbatical, deacons were asked to consider writing an article for the magazine. I was very happy to help and volunteered. Then Lucy suggested the topic of premises, so it has made my task easier.
A few days before writing this I was reading through Samuel 2 over breakfast …David becomes King, conquers Jerusalem and calls it the City of David, takes up residence and builds himself a palace with the King of Tyre’s fine craftsmen and materials, goes about bringing the Ark of the Covenant to the City and realises that the Ark of God is in a tent! God speaks to Nathan the prophet and has to tell David that God will make his name great, and establish a kingdom from his offspring, and that one of them will be the one to build a house for his Name. David’s son, Solomon, does of course go on to build a very fine temple, but the House for My name is about people.
The reason for starting with this story, is to demonstrate that God decides what happens and when, and to illustrate that the House of the Name is the people. God blesses David in so many ways and he recognises how great his Sovereign Lord is. Do read David’s prayer in Samuel 27:18-29.
Over the summer whilst on holiday we all may visit towns or cities that have wonderful cathedrals, abbeys or churches. Many of these magnificent buildings were built when the Church was immensely powerful, often in the wrong way. However, they provided a focal point for the relatively small populations that existed in our villages, towns and cities.
Today cathedrals are often seen as landmarks, feats of engineering, demonstrations of craftsmanship and spaces that can inspire, enabling reflection and lifting of the heart. Many of those that created them believed they were bringing Glory to God.

Our premises at WPBC have been gifted to us by previous generations, they provide great accommodation, and are looked after and used a great deal, by all ages virtually every day. We have a Vision for our church to be a beacon of light in the community, a place of outreach, open to all, a safe community hub at the heart of our neighbourhood. A place that has added flexibility for prayer, worship, learning, study and especially interaction. Interaction is important, as it will allow us the opportunity to talk with those not used to attending Church. When you read this we may even have planning consent (expected in early July) for plans to extend and alter our premises.
Our focus has to be on building our relationship with God and each other and sharing the Good News with the community; our premises can help assist us to do this. Modification of our premises will be a big benefit, but above all we need to demonstrate action and God’s love in our daily lives with all those we meet. The Church is the people.

Have a wonderful summer. May God bless and keep you all.

Jonathan Hill