Lucy writes… December 2016

Lucy writes… December 2016

We are now entering the season of crowded shops, sparkly lights, parties, and concerts…yes, it is Christmas. If you get a chance to relax any time before the big day, I wonder what would you like to do? Cooking, seeing friends and family, buying and wrapping that perfect present; many of us like to nestle down on the sofa and watch a good Christmas film. I wonder what is your favourite Christmas film? Perhaps you’re a big child and enjoy Miracle on 34th Street, or perhaps you are the romantic type and you like The Holiday. I particularly like Dickens’ classic ‘A Christmas Carol’; a thought-provoking take on the Christmas season.

The element to the story that interests me is how Scrooge changes from this mean, thankless, bitter man to being generous and compassionate. It all happens as he deals with his past, looks at what he is like in the present time, and sees his legacy of what he will leave for the future. All of this wakes him up to the reality of who he is and to change his behaviour. We might all benefit from doing some self-reflection at times, but we also know that self-help doesn’t hold the answers, just like Scrooge we need a guide and a framework.
As we come to Christmas and remember and celebrate Jesus coming into the world, we also remember that Jesus is not just for Christmas time.

During our morning services in the lead up to Christmas we shall be looking at Jesus for the whole of our lives. We shall be discovering afresh:

Jesus who comes to us as Saviour and deals with our past;
as Emmanuel who is God with us in our present;
and as King who holds out a bright future for those who trust in Him.

Jesus has come to change us for the better, will you allow him in to change you this Christmas time?