Rev Lucy Wright

Lucy writes… May 2017

During my Sabbatical, and since then, God keeps reminding me of the importance of spending time with Him. How often I spend time worrying, talking, doing things without first spending time with God. It is true to say the first thing that goes when I feel busy or stressed is prayer. I have time for other distracting things like surfing the web but not for prayer, and yet I know that things won’t change in me or in others without it! For we are so influenced and changed by those we spend time with.

When we read the gospels, we see Jesus spent time with His Father. He gave thanks to God in the ordinary everyday occasions of life, before He did big things He prayed, and He blessed people in prayer. It’s true if you want to be a blessing then the greatest thing you can do for someone is pray.
The great thing is that anyone can do it, you don’t need to be physically active, you don’t need to be particularly skilled, and you don’t need to be especially holy.

Prayer is not just me talking to God but it is about us listening to God. Reading the Bible and asking God to speak to you is the best way to listen to God. There are other ways as well; the inner conviction or burning of our hearts, the assurance of His love, and sometimes God gives us words and pictures when we ask Him to speak.
Before Christmas when I was praying with Doug & Kathy I felt God gave me the word ‘release’. The more I pray and talk with others since then the more this word keeps coming up in conversation. There is a desire for God to release His Spirit amongst us that people would go deeper with Him and people would also come to faith in Jesus. There is a desire for people to find release and peace in the situation they are in, and that God would release the different gifts and perspectives that people have within the church. I invite you to pray about this word ‘release’ as well for our church and hear what God might be saying to us.
During May we have lots of opportunities to pray together. For Ladies, there is the breakfast at the beginning of the month looking at the theme of trust. Mid- May we have the prayer breakfast an opportunity to go deeper with God. Then at Pentecost to pray for more people to come to know Jesus personally. Do join us as we seek God’s vision and voice for His church and our part in that.