Charis writes… September 2017

Charis writes… September 2017

Being church- altogether!

This term at Worcester Park Baptist Church we are looking at the theme of Being Church. For me being church at Worcester Park means being together- all of us no matter what our age, size, race, language, ability or gender!
That’s why we like to have time at the start of our service when we can all worship and be together. We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable and able to feel part of this great family which is our church. We will be introducing the weekly theme during this time so that everyone in the church family starts off by thinking about the same theme together. It is really great if our families can sit together so that parents can help their children to participate with everything that is going on in the service.

We also recognise there are times when it is helpful to be with those who are most similar in age to us. That’s why we have regular groups during most of our services for children of all ages. The service leader will announce when it is time for the children and young people to go to these groups.

If you have children with you please make sure they are sitting with you until they go out to their groups. Sometimes we realise this is not possible as you may have commitments in worship groups or with other duties, but maybe there is someone within the church family who could sit with them and support them. Maybe as a family you could sit with other people who your children are comfortable and familiar with each week, so they can build these relationships up.

We would love to encourage members of the wider church family to support our younger members by sitting with them and getting to know them by explaining things if necessary or helping them to engage with the service fully. Most parents are more than ready to accept a helping hand and children love having other adults to talk to and relate to. If you don’t have children with you maybe you could look out for someone who might appreciate another adult sitting with them during the first part of the service.

After the children’s groups have gone out, the main church congregation will be using a variety of passages from the Bible to look at the weekly theme in more depth. The children will be looking at the ‘Being Church’ themes by focusing on some of the characters from the very first church in the book of Acts.
Hopefully there will be lots of common ideas and messages- try asking one of the younger members what they have found out this week and then sharing what you learnt from the Bible passage this week. It’s a great way of remembering the main points of the sermon!

Just a reminder about our children’s and young people’s groups…

A crèche is available in the Divided Room for all those under 3 who might just find sitting still and quiet a bit tricky for a long time. They have toys to play with and lots of space to explore. Parents can take their children out to settle them whenever they need to and stay as long as necessary with them.

Also in the Divided Room we have the Beginner’s group which is for all those in nursery up to the end of year 2. They use games and crafts and stories to explore the Bible stories.

The Junior’s group is for children in years 3-6 and is meeting in the Pentagon (until the Baldwin room is back in action.) They are will use games, puzzles, discussions and crafts each week to explore the theme.

We also have a Lasers group for all children in high school. This usually meets in the Quiet Room. Please chat to Jeremy Thacker if you have a child in this age bracket who would appreciate being in this group.

We want everyone of every age to feel welcome in our services. Please speak to Charis or Lucy if you have any thoughts about any of these things and let’s enjoy ‘Being Church’ together.