Week of Prayer

Week of Prayer


We’re designating 13th -20th January 2019 as a week of prayer. During this week we are going to be using the Lord’s Prayer as our focus for our prayers. Over the week, we want to praise and give thanks to God, drawer closer to Him, and hear what he has to say to Worcester Park Baptist Church, especially concerning the appointment of a new minister. We’re using the Lord’s Prayer throughout the work as the focus for our prayers.

“What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer” – lyrics from “What a friend we have in Jesus” remind us of the benefits of a loving Heavenly Father who longs for a relationship with us.

As we journey throughout this week of prayer spending time with God, it’s not just about the end result of hearing from God and what He is saying to us about the Church and a new minister. It’s all about spending time with our Creator – giving praise and thanks, acknowledging our reliance on Him for rescue from our sins and only as we spend more time with Him do we learn more of His heart of love.

Guidelines for praying

Allow about ten minutes a day for this prayer activity.

If you can, try and find somewhere quiet and at a regular time for the week.
Let God speak to you – it might be through your thoughts, the Bible, or a friend.
Expect to hear from God and if you do, write it down and share what He says with a friend.
If you feel God is saying something to you about the Church, please let a deacon know or write it down and email it to hello@wpbc.org.uk.
Don’t feel that you are a failure if you miss a day or don’t spend ten minutes per day.

The daily prayer guide can be downloaded here.

Sunday 13th – Our Father In Heaven

Abba Father – Daddy

Jesus knew God was His Father and prayed to His Father.

Read Genesis 1

Prayer Activity

This evening spend a few moments looking at the night sky. Try to see the moon and stars. Thank God that even though he is the creator of the entire universe He cares for you like a Father.

Prayer Pointers

  1. Acknowledge that in everything, God is in control
  2. Pray for our Baptist Union Regional Minister, Phil Barnard, who is responsible for introducing us to potential new ministers.

Pray the Lord’s Prayer