Girls’ Brigade

Our weekly youth group for groups for girls aged 4 – 18.

We take part in all sorts of activities that help you make new friends, have fun, find out about God, gain awards and learn new skills.

Come and n:vestigate the action in GB in Explorers (4 – 8s) 6-7:30pm

Come and n:gage with the action in GB in Juniors (8 – 11s) 6-73.0pm

Come and n:counta the action in GB in Seniors (11 – 14s) 7-8.30pm

Let the action at GB n:spire you in Brigaders (14 – 18s) 7-8.30pm

The 2nd Worcester Park Company meets on Friday evenings during term time at Worcester Park Baptist Church.
To find out more please contact: