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Check back here regularly for news and views, including a monthly blog, Lucy Writes, from our minister.

Lucy Writes… April 2016

Long obedience in the same direction If someone asked you what your favourite book of the Bible was, how would you answer it? Perhaps a gospel that helps us get close Jesus, an eloquently argued letter of Paul, or a heroic story of an Old Testament character? I can appreciate all of the former for different reasons; but the book that really interests and challenges me, the book I want to understand more is the book of Psalms. It is…

Lucy Writes… March 2016

From Lucy I’ve been thinking hard about prayer recently, and prayer is hard. The act of praying isn’t hard, but making room for prayer is often hard. Sometimes prayer gets squeezed because I’m tired, or busy, or I just forget. You see I sometimes do things, worry about things, plan things, and then forget to pray. I have a feeling I might not be the only one. In February half-term Charis and I spent a whole day with God. Specifically…

Hub Project

WPBC was formed in 1890, and has been at its current premises in The Avenue (opposite Worcester Park Station) since the 1950s.  Although there have been a couple of additions to the buildings down the years, the bulk of the buildings date from the 50s. As well as meeting for all-age Christian worship and teaching on Sundays and some weekdays, the church offers an extensive range of services each week to its church family and the wider community, including a…

Lucy Writes… February 2016

From Lucy Lent is often the time we give up things; perhaps chocolate, or TV, in order to focus more on God. But I wonder what do you do with the money that you saved from not buying that chocolate bar? How about giving that money to charity? What about using that extra time you would have spent watching TV and help someone in need? This year as a church family we will be using the material called 40 acts…

Why Being Part of a Connect Group is Good

Why Connect Groups? From its earliest days, the church has met together, gathering in both larger settings as well as in smaller groups (Acts 2: 42-47). Both settings are important and complement each other. Join a Connect Group? Joining a Connect Group is one of the best ways to get involved in life at Worcester Park Baptist Church family network. Here at WPBC we encourage a deeper sense of belonging and helping one another in “walking in the footsteps of Christ”.…
Lucy Generous Living

Lucy Writes… January 2016

From Lucy As I write this we are still in advent, and during advent, I decided to try the Bible Society’s ‘Advent Challenge.’ Each day I receive an email with a simple small challenge. A number of the challenges included things like: giving money to charity, buying a Fairtrade product, and trying to be less dependent on technology for a couple of hours. Some of them are a bit easier than others. I did try to find a long queue…
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