Connect Groups

Connect Groups

Why Connect Groups?

From its earliest days, the church has met together, gathering in both larger settings as well as in smaller groups (Acts 2: 42-47). Both settings are important and complement each other. Connect Groups are at the heart of the WPBC family encouraging a deeper sense of belonging and the primary place where discipleship takes place. They are gatherings of people to build friendships and grow spiritually.

What is a Connect Group?

It’s a group of people who normally meet 2-3 times a month, usually in someone’s home, for community, Bible study (usually linked to the Sunday teaching), prayer and worship. Each group has leaders who take responsibility for supporting the group.

Why join?

It provides a place to develop a deeper relationship with God, but also deep and caring friendships. It is an excellent way for people in the church to get to know a larger group of friends.

Find out more

Click on each red pin on the map to view key Connect Group information, you can also choose to sign up to a group by clicking the sign up button of the appropriate group.


I find the fellowship and warmth from members of the group comforting, particularly when members are going through difficult times. The power of prayer is as valuable as the teaching.

I shared with my group how God is working in my family: in areas of health, work, and home, and now answered prayer in school choice for my granddaughter. Within the groups you can share great and difficult times – not always possible after a Sunday Service.

It is worth it to make that time, even when you feel busy. I feel refreshed after attending the group and get a different view on things that I was struggling with at the time.