About Us

About Us

What we believe

What is the Christian faith? Is it a set of things we have to believe or do (or not do!) ? Christians do believe certain things about Jesus, and we are meant to live in ways that please God. But these aren’t the real heart of what our faith is about. The real heart of being a Christian is a relationship. It’s knowing Jesus as a living person, and being able to call God our Father. So, who is Jesus? Jesus…

Our Vision

The following Church Vision was adopted in June 2013: As individuals and as a church together, we want to be open to and relying on God’s leading and equipping in our lives. We do this in the following ways: By deepening our relationship with God We will do this as we: Learn to worship God in all that we are and do in our lives Grow in our understanding and experience of God as revealed in the Bible and relying…

Leadership Team

We have ten deacons who serve in leadership of the church alongside the Minister. They are elected by Church members. Deacons serve for a three year period. The Ministers and Deacons act as Charity Trustees of the church. A Secretary and Treasurer are appointed annually from the Deacons. We also have a Families and Children’s Worker.


We now offer lettings of the Church Premises to Community Groups. Please see the documents below for further details: ** Please note that we have no availability from April 2020 due to building work **  Letting Policy  Conditions of Use Scale of Charges Application Form