Girls’ Brigade

Girls’ Brigade

6The Girls’ Brigade is a Christian organisation that runs groups for girls aged 4 – 18’s all over the world.

We take part in all sorts of activities that help you make new friends, have fun, find out about God, gain awards and learn new skills.
Come and n:vestigate the action in GB in Explorers (4 – 8s) 6.15-7:30pm
Fun, Crafts, Games, Stories and Friends

Come and n:gage with the action in GB in Juniors (8 – 11s) 6.15-7.30pm
Fun, Crafts, Games, Cooking and Friends

Come and n:counta the action in GB in Seniors (11 – 14s) 7.30-9pm
New friends, Lots to do, Great fun, Space to chill

Let the action at GB n:spire you in Brigaders (14 – 18s) 7.30-9pm
Opportunity to achieve, Chance to laugh, Freedom to be, Make friends and Develop new skills

The 2nd Worcester Park Company meets on Thursday evenings during term time at Worcester Park Baptist Church.
To find out more please contact: