Our Vision

The following Church Vision was adopted in June 2013:

As individuals and as a church together, we want to be open to and relying on God’s leading and equipping in our lives.

We do this in the following ways:

  1. By deepening our relationship with God

We will do this as we:

  • Learn to worship God in all that we are and do in our lives
  • Grow in our understanding and experience of God as revealed in the Bible and relying on the Holy Spirit
  1. By being a church community that reflects God’s love and has deeper relationships with each other

We will do this as we:

  • Share God’s welcome and inclusion for all
  • Build genuine community that values giving and receiving from each other, and the churches around
  • Foster a community of encouragement where people’s gifts are discerned and used in the church and in the wider world
  1. By sharing God’s love, healing and forgiveness found in Jesus within the world in which we live

We will share the love found in Jesus in word and action to :

  • Our neighbours and the community of Worcester Park,
  • All the people we meet in the places we go,
  • The world around, including the support of overseas mission work.